March 26, 2017

Terms & Conditions

Purchasing one of the plans from Parks Technologies confirms that you agree with the following terms and conditions:

  1. You may cancel your plan at any time by emailing
  2. Upon cancellation, the code will be taken down at your domain. The domain will be transferable to you until the month that your plan began. After that, I will be releasing ownership.
  3.  You can expect your website to be launched within one month(usually sooner). If it is not launched within a month, you will receive a prorated credit your plan.
  4. I will usually make small changes for free. If you request changes to be made after the first month’s initial launch, I will send an invoice at a rate of $30/hour, unless your plan includes sufficient credit for those revision hours.
  5. I am not legally liable for any attacks or hacks on your website. While your plan includes consistent security updates and I have personally never developed anything with a known security issue, things can happen.
  6.  I retain the right to drop services at any time if I feel that your website or request doesn’t align with my skillset.
  7.  The setup fee is nonrefundable.
  8. Please make sure you have inquired about the project before paying so that I can understand and accept the scope of work before the setup fee is paid.